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Our organic dates are not sweetened artificially. Dates are the traditional token of hospitality in the middle east. They contain a lot of fibre and phytonutrients. Our dried organic Medjool dates are considered the king of dates, while the fresh yellow Barhi dates are a special treat for the connoisseur; you can eat them in different stages of ripeness.

Some interesting facts about dates:

  • Date palms are either male or female. Only the female palms produce fruit but not without being pollinated by a male date palm. One male palm can pollinate up to 100 female date palms.
  • Dates are pollinated manually: either with a wind machine oder by a skilled labourer who is climbing up the tree.
  • Mature date palms can produce between 70 and 180kg of dates per harvest season.
  • Dry or soft dates are more popular in Europe than the fresh crunchy dates.
  • You can eat them raw as a snack or use them for cooking or baking. Try to stuff your dates with cream cheese, marzipan, almonds or walnuts.
  • Dates contain about 80% sugar which makes them a great substitute to industrial sugar.

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