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The orange granadilla has a sweet and sour flavour and belongs to the family of passion fruits, along with the yellow maracuja and the traditional purple passion fruit.

Some interesting facts about granadilla:

  • It is native to South America and has an orange skin.
  • The shell is hard and shiny when it is ripe.
  • Granadillas have the size and shape of a plum.
  • The fruit contains a yellow, jelly-like pulp with a scattering of black edible seeds.
  • How to eat it? Cut the fruit into two halves. From here, scoop out the jelly-like pulp with a tablespoon. Now it is ready to be consumed, cooked or converted into juice.
  • The skin is not eaten.
  • Granadilla is commonly eaten by itself. However it makes a wonderful jelly, pie filling or cake frosting. Seeds with the surrounding juice sacs are also often added to fruit salads.
  • Ripe granadilla can be refrigerated for a few days.
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