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As well as being eaten fresh, the pear can be used for juices, syrups, jams, fermented drinks and spirits; in cooking, it is a widely used ingredient in cakes, fruit salads and main courses, and is excellent raw accompanied by strong cheeses.

Interesting facts about pears:

  • The European pear originated in Southeast Asia and was first cultivated in Europe about 1000 BC
  • Asian pears were cultivated in China as early as 1134 B.C.
  • There are over 3000 varieties of pears grown around the world
  • Before tobacco was introduced in Europe, pear leaves were smoked
  • The Chinese considered the pear, which they call “li,” to be a symbol of immortality. The destruction of a pear tree symbolized tragic or untimely death
  • Abraham Lincoln once said „A man watches his pear-tree day after day, impatient for the ripening of the fruit. Let him attempt to force the process, and he may spoil both fruit and tree. But let him patiently wait, and the ripe pear at length falls into his lap!”

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Health benefits

Pears are rich in fibres.


  • are important for a proper intestinal function
  • contribute to satiety and thus in maintaining a healthy weight
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