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Pitahaya Red

The Red Pitahaya is also known as a Dragonfruit because of it's unique shape. It's sometimes also called a strawberry pear. It's more pink than red and has a white or red inside with little seeds (which you can eat as well). It mosly comes from central and south America, but is also grown in Southeast Asia. 

Facts about the Red Pitahaya:

  • The red version is not the sweetest version, yellow is sweeter
  • People describe it as a cross between a pear, a kiwi and a melon
  • The seeds have a subtle nutty flavour
  • It’s a good source of antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids
  • The fruit grows on the climbing cactus

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Health benefits:

It helps lower your blood sugars and is high in Vitamine C which helps to improve your immune system. Like with most fruits it's healthiest if you let it ripen. When it's ripe it gets softer on the outside. 

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