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How to make vanilla sugar

There is nothing quite as simple or versatile as homemade vanilla sugar. Vanilla sugar can be utilized in a variety of desserts; from apple pies to crème brûlée. Vanilla sugar can even be used in savory recipes to give a slight sweetness to acidic foods such as barbecue sauce and vinaigrettes. Add to drinks such as coffee or tea - the possibilities are endless!

Combine the sugar and vanilla bean scrapings in a medium bowl. Using your hands (using disposable gloves is preferred), slowly rub together the sugar and the vanilla bean scrapings until all the scrapings have been dispersed well throughout the sugar. Pour sugar/ bean mixture into a glass jar and add a cork or lid. The vanilla and sugar will age over time and become more fragrant and delicious.

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700 gof organic sugar
4vanilla beans (split and scraped)


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