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Who did the calculations for Nature & More and how reliable are they?

The calculations were provided by accountancy EY (previously Ernst & Young) and by Soil & More International, a daughter company of Eosta. EY focused mainly on health and social impact, while Soil & More looked mainly at climate, soil, water and biodiversity.

EY en Soil & More cooperated with the FAO, FiBL, EFSA, EcoInvent and individual scientists to develop a practical approach for True Cost Accounting in SME companies, building on previous work by NCC, WHO, WBCSD, A4S and TEEbAg.

Soil & More is experienced in assessing water footprints, carbon footprints, and soil erosion. The company is an accredited member of the Water Footprint Network, a Registered Footprint Expert Consultant for the Carbon Trust/PAS2050, and a Climate Neutral Standard Verification Advisor for the TÜV Nord Cert GmbH. It also complies with internationally recognized standards such as PAS2050, ISO, and GHG Protocol. 

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