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Hi there, my name is Aris and together with my brothers Rochus and Dirk we grow organic tomatoes in Sirjansland in the Zeeland province.  Three brothers growing organic vegetables therefore the name Organic Brothers ! Apart from the greenhouse here in Sirjansland we also have one in Made where, for now, we grow non organic tomatoes.  At both locations we focus on three important elements namely taste, taste and taste.

We decided to start growing organically because it fits perfectly in our vision on taste. To solely focus on a high production means that you automatically neglect the aromatic and sensoric qualities of the tomato. We believe in a great tasting product and to be honest this gives us a great deal of personal satisfaction. As we say here in The Netherlands: “we stand for our products”.


Interview with Aris van der Meer

Can you tell us something about your company ?
It will come as no surprise that we come from a “farmers family”. In 1969 my fathers started growing vegetables in a greenhouse in the village of Maasland. During that time we grew salads, flowers, tomatoes and lots more .. everything in the rich soil.  In the early nineties, just like many other growers, he started growing in substrate and began to focus on tomatoes.  In 1998 when I joined the business we bought this piece of land in Sirjansland.  In 2004 Dirk Pieter joined and a few years later Rochus and then we bought the business in Made. Since we have sold the business in Maasland we are now focusing on the greenhouse business.

Why did you choose organic agriculture ?
For some time we had been looking for a new direction and organic always seemed the obvious choice for us.  Our decision to “go organic” was however not just based on the fact that the market for organic products is booming.  We were and are particularly interested in focusing on taste and this is what attracted us to organic methods.

So which brother is responsible for what at Organic Brothers ?
My brother Rochus is the manager at our business in Made and I am responsible  for this location here in Sirjansland.  Dirk Pieter is the commercial manager who works with our customers.

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