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Hi, I’m Diego Oneto and together with my father Sebastian Oneto and a great team, we grow organic limes. Thank you for buying our fruit! We are a proud family business based near the city of Olmos in the north of Peru, close to the border with Ecuador.  This area receives very little rainfall but thanks to the Olmos River and a large irrigation project linked to the Limón Dam, we are in position to grow premium organic limes. 

Here at Agricola La Tejeria, we employ 50 permanent workers and during the long season that runs from September to June an additional 450. The workers come Olmos and the surrounding villages  from other parts of Peru including the mountains and jungle. To me organic agriculture means working with nature and that is both inspirational as well as challenging. There are a lot of ways of doing things but finding the best way to fix an issue, that is the hard part.

Interview with Diego

Nature & More: How did you start with organic farming?
Diego: To be honest, it was my father who took the first steps down the organic path. When a close friend of the family was diagnosed with cancer the link with pesticides was quickly made.  At that moment we decided that spraying harmful chemicals on fruit was not the way forward.

Nature & More: Was the process difficult?
Diego: Of course ! and it still is. It is a completely different mindset, where you have to think more complete, you have to speak to the tree.  Every time you address one issue, you are confronted with four new ones.  For me one of the biggest eye openers is that you have to completely change the way you look at timing and planning.

Nature & More: Can you explain what you mean?
Diego: Compare it to cooking. When five different people cook a recipe and stick to the instructions I can guarantee you that the dishes will still taste and look slightly different. For organic lime production it is exactly the same, you have to find your own way even though in theory we know so much.

Nature & More: Now that you cannot work with pesticides, how do you keep the pests away?
Diego: First you create an environment where pests are kept in check through a natural balance in the ecosystem. Secondly you can influence the situation by using natural materials like neem oil which these harmful insects really hate.

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