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Joe and Luis Roman

Joe and Luis, Ecuador

Hola, my name is Joe and together with my father we grow delicious Ataulfo mango’s here in the Zaruma region in Ecuador.

My father, Don Luis Roman was born in this mango region and never thought that his roots would dictate his future. My father has a lot of memories from his childhood. As a child his parents put him to bed quite early, and when the room was dark and silent, he and his siblings could hear ripe mangoes falling from the trees. Whoever was the first to hear a mango fall to the ground would exclaim: “That one’s mine! I heard it first!” So, theoretically, the first one to hear this sound would become the owner, but obviously in practice it was the first person to wake up in the morning and go pick the fruit up who would eat it in the end.

In 1993 he got his first mango farm but he still remembered his childhood years when he was eating the most delicious mangoes from his yard without any sort of pesticides and chemicals and this was the passion that made him convert his plantations in 2000 to organic .



Interview met Joe Roman

What is the local attitude to mango’s ?
Joe: The town of Zaruma is filled with endless varieties of mango trees, each with its own name. So eating mangoes is, and has always been, not only a tradition of the local population but also part of their lifestyle.

What motivated your father to go into the mango business ?
Joe: Actually it was a local news item he saw when he was visiting Miami.  There was a segment about a Cuban farmer who had a small mango farm.  The farmer spoke about how happy he was because he could devote himself to caring for all his trees. He enjoyed taking care of each and every tree from the moment he planted them and as they grew. His daily tasks with the trees included watering them, pruning them and watching them blossom and bear fruit, until harvest time came. In the other words, several months would pass by, during which he was able to witness the whole process.

What do you love most about your job?
Joe: It’s a beautiful feeling to devote yourself to this activity from the moment the tree is planted until someone in another part of the world buys and eats one of your mangoes.

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we are highly interested in cooperation. Pls advise your contact email or skype. Thanks in advance)

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