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Hi, I am Mahmoud El Shishiny of Maghrabi Farms. We produce haricot verts, mangetout peas, sugar snaps, organic oranges and other citrus fruits in Egypt for Nature & More. We are certified organic since 1999. We also grow biodynamic (Demeter) products. Thank you for buying our fruit!

To be exact, I am responsible for marketing and business development at MAFA. Although located in Cairo, I am constantly at the organic farms in Noubareya to be close to the fields and the farmers. I think that is important, not only for the planning and operations, but also on a personal level. We have 7 fully certified organic farms.

Our company, MAFA, was established in 1989 in Noubareya, about 80 km from Alexandria. This area used to be desert, but we brought it back to life with irrigation. Apart from citrus fruits we also grow organic lettuce, herbs and grapes. Most of the farms have a compost production unit. Here we recycle organic agricultural waste. It is composted together with cow manure, to provide high quality compost. Composting has huge benefits for the soil, climate and biodiversity!

"We don’t just follow standards, we try to go beyond that"

The history of our company is quite interesting. MAFA Organic  is owned by the Egyptian well-known Maghrabi family. In the 80’s, Egypt had a very low food production capacity and imported most of its food; so as a country we had low food security. The Maghrabi family decided to buy land and start farming in Egypt on a large scale. First all our farming was conventional, but from 1999 onwards more and more of our farms changed to sustainable farming.


Interview with Mahmoud El-Shishiny

What do you see as the most important differences between an organic and a non organic orange?
A non organic orange is good, but an organic orange is naturally good. The market in Egypte for organic products is still developing, but producers like ourselves have taken the first step by growing and exporting organic products. We believe that together with our competitors we can take this market to a new level, and establish a strong brand for Egyptian Organic Products.

What ‘s your ambition for organic in Egypt?
“Our goal is to be the market leader in Egypt in all sustainability issues such as greenhouse gas emission, water use, etcetera. We don’t just follow standards, we try to go beyond that. Organic has a big future if all of us try to be more professional. We want to be ahead of the market with new ideas and new varieties."

Do you see yourself as an ambassador for sustainable farming?
"Yes, by  showing other growers that organic is possible, we hope to inspire them. We also cooperate on a national level through participation in various associations, to promote our sustainable methods. We believe that when we, as a large company, go in that direction, many small farmers from neighbouring areas will follow.”

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One Cent for the Future

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for buying our organic citrus fruit particularly because through your purchase you are directly improving the health of our employees and the local community. Let me explain, for every kg of oranges sold, € 0,01 will go towards the health clinic on our premises. The clinic employs a full time doctor and is equipped with an ambulance to serve our  employees as well as the  local community. Not only do we use the clinic to treat our employees and their families but we also help them to stay healthy. So on behalf of everyone here many thanks for your support. Warm Greetings Abdelhamid


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Geolocation is 31.0011545173, 30.709533691399997

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