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Hello! My name is Roberto Vargas and together with an incredible team, I grow organic passion fruit in Peru for Nature & More.  

Together with my brother Martín and three of our closest childhood friends, we founded Agrícola Interandina. As Commercial Director, I am in charge of sales, logistics and business development. Martín takes care of the production as Agricultural Director.

Our family has been involved in farming for years and we are proudly part of the 4th generation of farmers. It has always been our dream to work and farm together. By choosing organic farming for our passion fruit production, we protect our ecosystem and help protect iconic Peruvian wildlife such as condors, pumas, and birds. Also, we can help the economy of the communities surrounding us.

We are passionate about producing the best quality fruits for our customers. Even though the lands where we grow our fruits have very challenging logistics, we are able to achieve our greatest priorities; having the best quality and flavour of all farms in these areas.

Interview with Roberto Vargas

N&M: Can you tell something about the region where your farm is located?

Our company grows organic passion fruit, but also conventional grapes, mandarins and blueberries. All of our fields are in a 40 km radius which allows us to be constantly present throughout the whole process. The passion fruits are grown at 700 meters above sea level and around 55 kilometres away from the Pacific Ocean. The Interandean Valley has a warm microclimate wit sunny days and cool nights. This weather encourages optimal quality, growth, flavour and a higher sugar content in the fruit.


N&M: What products do you grow and what’s special about your products?

We grow organic passionfruit, but also conventional grapes, blueberries and mandarins. We have a team that comes from a long agricultural tradition. The climate and location in which we grow our fruits allows us to distinguish ourselves in terms of flavour and quality.


N&M: Why and when did you go organic?

We started to grow organic with our organic passion fruit project. With the growth of the organic passion fruits, we create a positive impact on the environment and on health. We love how everyone is benefited by organic farming, from the workers to the end consumers and the planet.


N&M: What do you see as the benefits of organic farming now?

Some of our main goals are to have a positive effect on the environment and on our society. We see the first one as a way of being grateful for the land that gives us such good quality produce all year round. By choosing organic farming, we protect our ecosystem and help protect iconic Peruvian wildlife such as condors, pumas, and birds. For the second one, we think it’s amazing that we can help the economy of the communities surrounding us.


N&M: What do you like most about your work?

There are many things about my job that makes me happy and consistently motivate me. Agriculture is the industry which employs the highest amount of people in our country, having a positive direct impact on thousands of people. In our group, we employ more than 5000 people all year-round. We have seen a huge positive economic and social impact in our area of influence. Peru is one of the world’s main suppliers in many fruits and we see a huge potential for growth. We don’t aim to be recognized as the biggest exporter, we want to be known for our good quality fruits, the positive effect we have on our workers, our fair treatment of the ecosystem and our excellent customer service.


N&M: Is there something that every consumer should know about you or your farm?

We put a lot of effort and dedication into what we’re doing, so that our customers can receive high-quality fruit that also has a positive impact on the world.


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