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Mehmet Daldal

Narice, Turkey

Hi, I’m Mehmet Daldal and I grow organic pomegranates for Nature & More in Turkey. Our company is called Narice and we are one of the very few organic pomegranate growers around. Thank you for buying our pomegranates, I hope you enjoy this beautiful and healthy fruit!

Our company, Narice, is located in the west of Turkey, near the cities of Söke and Aydin. Since my childhood I always loved to be out in nature, in green fields with fresh air, but I was also interested in technical stuff. So I was happy to study agricultural engineering in Izmir, Turkey. Our pomegranate business started to develop in 2005 when  agriculture in this area has changed and more orchards were planted. In 2007 we converted to organic farming. Today we have four farms in the area working with us. Apart from fresh pomegranates we also produce juice, syrup and seeds.

Although pomegranates have been around for 10.000 years, there are still many world citizens who have never seen a pomegranate before. We would like to change that! With its blood red color and abundance of seeds, the pomegranate is a symbol of life. Also, it’s a very healthy fruit with great antioxidant properties. People all over the world are now becoming aware of the special qualities of this fruit.


Interview with Mehmet Daldal

N&M: Why did you choose to go organic?
If you compare the time span of humans on this planet to planet earth itself, we last shorter than a photo flash. In this brief time, we have invaded the whole planet and changed a lot in the ecological balance. Now it’s is our task to think of the future and produce food that respects the ecological balance. If we respect ourselves, we must respect nature. Because in the end, we are what we eat!

N&M: Was it difficult to convert?
Organic production is not easy, certainly not in the beginning! From to the first flower on the tree to putting the pomegranate in the shopping bag, you have to pay continuous attention to the tree and  the product. We have worked hard for this. Organic pomegranates look a little different from conventional; they tend to have more (small) scratches and dots on the outside. But on the inside the fruit is perfect, bright red and tasty! And of course totally free from residuals.

N&M: What’s it like to produce organic food in Turkey?
In our country very few people know what organic is. The price that the farmer gets for organic, does not differ much from conventional products, so there is hardly a domestic market. When we wanted to produce organic, we first had to find a way to bigger markets. So we’re very happy to work with Nature & More. I love to share my thoughts with thousands of people through this medium.

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