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Aubergine / Eggplant

The aubergine can be white, yellow or purple, or even striped. It’s spongy texture and subtle taste make it very versatile in cooking. 

Some interesting facts about aubergines:

  • A ripe aubergine has a matte gloss and yields slightly under finger pressure. Choose one which is not too light - it might be limp and dehydrated.
  • You can keep aubergines for 3-7 days at 15° C.
  • Aubergines grow (like tomatoes) from vines of a plant.
  • Italians call the aubergine ‘melanzane’ which means ‘crazy apple’.
  • They come in purple, white or purple-white striped.
  • When they are white and small they look exactly like eggs, which is why they are also called ‘eggplant’ in America.
  • Aubergines belong to the berry family.
  • Never peel them! The peel contains lots of valuable vitamins.
  • Aubergines are often used as a substitute for meat.


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Health benefits

Aubergine is not very rich in common nutrients but the purple skin is a  prominent natural source of nasunin; a potent antioxidant. This anthocyane in the peel can also lower bloodcholesterol.

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