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Mushrooms are the only Nature & More product that does not come from plants... it's really the fruit of underground fungi. Bake, fry, cook them, they're always delicious. 

Facts and tips about mushrooms:

  • Mushrooms are the only Nature & More product which is not a plant
  • They grow in the dark, so cultivation does not require a lot of energy
  • The Netherlands are the largest producer of mushrooms in the EU
  • A bit of thyme enhances the taste of fried champignons
  • Don’t eat them raw. They contain agaritine which breaks down when cooked
  • They’re also great with just a pinch of salt, some garlic and a shallot
  • Don’t soak fresh mushrooms. Clean with a brush or paper.
  • Don’t store next to strong smelling products, they absorb the aroma.

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