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Fresh fruit salad with yogurt, honey, oats and chia seeds

A great start of your day


1.Peel mango and papaya, and use a Parisienne scoop (melon baller) to cut round sections of both fruits.

2.Wash and thoroughly dry the grapes, blueberries and raspberries.

3.Peel and slice banana.

4.Mix (plantbased) yogurt and honey/ agave syrup; this will serve as our salad “dressing”.

5.Arrange the fruits artfully in 4 bowls and add a tablespoon of oatmeal to each. Drizzle the yogurt and sweet mixture and sprinkle with chia seeds, and enjoy!

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Serves 4
15 minutes


·1 banana

·1/2 papaya

·1 mango




·4 tablespoons oats

Dressing ingredients

·2 spoons of (natural/ plantbased) yogurt (around 300 grams total)

·2 tablespoons honey/ agave syrup

·4 teaspoons Chía seeds

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