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Jerusalem artichoke

This fascinating root vegetable (also known as topinambour) that is part of the sunflower family falls in the “forgotten vegetable” category. We want to make them unforgettable!

Interesting facts

  • Jerusalem artichoke (also known as topinambour) have an underground nutty, flavorful, starch-rich root.
  • This vegetable is native to the Central America.
  • Once established, the plant grows very rapidly becoming even taller than the sunflower
  • Jerusalem tubers feature gray, purple, or pink skin externally, and sweet, delicate textured ice-white flesh inside.
  • It is one of the finest natural sources of dietary fibers, especially high in oligo-fructose inulin
  • Jerusalem artichoke can be consumed cooked or raw but…
  • They are known for causing gas, especially if you eat them raw. If you want to avoid that, don’t eat too much of them. Soup is good option. Try adding some fennel or caraway seeds.
  • Thanks to its warm, nutty, slightly sweet taste, it can be used as a substitute for potato. It can also be consumed in the form of chips or it can be mashed.

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