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Sweet pointed pepper

These sweet organic Ramiro peppers are the perfect candidate for every summer barbecue.

Interesting facts about our Sweet Pointed Pepper, Ramiro:

  • There are many different sweet pepper varieties including red, yellow, orange and green varieties
  • It has an extremely sweet flavor. The "common" sweet bell has a brix value (natural sugar content) of 7. The sweet pepper has a brix value of 9- 10.
  • Compared to bell peppers, sweet pointed peppers have a much thinner skin making them easier to digest
  • These delightfully sweet peppers are particularly suitable as a snack
  • The Sweet Pointed Pepper is one of the most popular BBQ vegetables available
  • The grill enhances the characteristic, sweet taste. 
  • Furthermore the strong  structure of this delicious pepper variety makes it easy to roast on the barbecue. 
  • You will enjoy these sweet organic peppers even more if you realize that conventional peppers belong to the dirty dozen of most contaminated vegetables.

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