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Yacon is a versatile healthy root vegetable which taste is fresh, sweet and lies between an apple, pear and watermelon. It is a real superfood as it contains inulin which has a beneficial effect against obesity and diabetes!

Did you know...

  • Yacon is a versatile root vegetable, also known as ‘apple carrot’

  • Contains a lot of moisture

  • Can be eaten raw, with a crunchy bite

  • Use Yacon in stir-fry, boil or fry it in thin slices as a tasty snack. Delicious in stews, salads, desserts and cakes. It is also used to make syrup.

  • The plant originates from the Andes and grows there at an altitude of 900-3000m

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​Health benefits:

  • The sweet taste due to oligofructose (fracto-oligosaccharide), stimulates the beneficial bacteria in our body
  • The sweet taste is partly caused by inulin. Because inulin is poorly absorbed by the human body, Yacon may have a beneficial effect against obesity and diabetes
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