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Brussels sprouts

These miniature cabbages contain lots of healthy vitamin C, K and many anti-oxidants. You need to cook them to release some of the healthy phytonutrients (indoles) but don't cook them too long or you will take out the vitamin C!

Interesting facts about brussels sprouts:

  • To ensure even cooking throughout you can cut a cross into the center of the stem.
  • Brussels sprouts stay greener when salt is added after cooking them.
  • Cook for a short time or stir-fry if you want to avoid bitterness and odor.
  • Brussels sprouts were first grown in Belgium in 1587.
  • The edible sprouts grow like buds along the side of long, thick stalks of about 60 to 120 cm in height.
  • Brussels sprouts are a traditional winter stock vegetable and are considered sweetest after a frost.

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Health benefits

Brussels sprouts are rich in folic acid and vitamin K

Folic acid...

  • helps create proper resistance
  • contributes to the decrease of fatigue
  • supports the cell division process

Vitamin K...

  • contributes to a normal coagulation of the blood
  • is good for the bones
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