Nature & More presents: Tropical Wonders


The Tropical Wonders range of Nature & More was launched in 2014 as a new selection of delicious exotic organic fruits and vegetables from around the globe. Meet the growers behind our Tropical Wonders here!

Product range

Nature & More Tropical Wonders are sold by Eosta. An overview of the Tropical Wonder range can be downloaded here. The fruits are packed in specially designed boxes. Some of our most popular Tropical Wonders are:

  • Curcuma
  • Lemon Grass
  • Purple Passion Fruit
  • Physalis

Meet Lilian Anguparu

Hi, my name is Lilian Anguparu. Our Ugandan farm is specialized in the production, processing and export of organic fruits, vegetables and spices under the name African Organic. Amfri Farms Ltd., is a large, biodynamic, family owned business located about 85 km to the north of Ugandan capital Kampala where the packing, processing plant and office are based. Apart from employing around 100 persons (during the seasonal peaks) we also collaborate closely with around 150 out growers. These committed, organic farmers are responsible for a considerable percentage of our products. Here's the direct link to our page! (code 765)

Meet Jan Bernard

Hi, my name is Jan Bernard from Pronatur. We grow exotic fruits in the jungle of Peru. ProNatur is an association of individual landowners who have organized themselves to pool their resources in order to afford technical assistance and gain access to the export market. The association was founded in 1996 in the tropical highlands of the Peruvian rainforest around the town of Moyobamba. Today more than 1,000 families participate in the organization and actively cultivate just over 3,300 ha of coffee, mango and limes together with other crops such as beans peas, bananas, asparagus and more. In addition to the cultivated areas they also care for approximately 50,000 ha of Amazon rainforest. Here's the direct link to my page! (code 120)

Meet Johan Beckers

Hi, my name is Johan Beckers, founder and owner of Andes Export.Together with a group of local farmer we grow organic, fairtrade physalis for Nature & More in Colombia. We like to do things in an innovative way.. to do things differently .. we do not want to follow others. That gives us energy which is necessary because it is not always easy to get things done in this part of the world. Sustainability for us is only complete in combination with Fairtrade. We want to guarantee fair and safe working conditions. In this part of the world this is unfortunately not very common. Here's the direct link to my page (code 190)

Meet Sanjay Bansal

Hello, my name is Sanjay Bansal and I am the chairman of the Ambootia group. We are proud to grow and export curcuma, a special and exceptionally healthy root vegetable. Under the organic method of farming we have been able to balance economic activity with environmental and social consciousness. We are not only happy to produce a safer product but create a healthier environment  for the workers. On top of that this method, being labour intensive, has helped increase the income of the workers as well. Here's the direct link to my page! (code 678)

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Tropical Wonders cardboard box

The Sustainability Flower

The Sustainability Flower is the core of our business. Every Nature & More grower has a personal Sustainability Flower. It points the way to a greener and more social economy. More info here.