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Fruticola Hersa

Hola, my name is Edgar Salmeron Pacheco and I grow organic grapefruits in the south west of Mexico for Nature & More

Thanks for buying our fruit. Our farm Fruticola Hersa was set up back in 1998.  At that time we were not aware of organic farming techniques and started growing conventional grapefruits.  In 2009, after some very tough years and insecurity many growers in this region left their farms in search of other forms of income so that they could feed their families and keep them safe.  Fortunately at that time, I had the opportunity to work for an organic fruit exporting company which allowed me to learn the “ ins and outs”  of organic agriculture.  In 2015, when I returned to the family orchard it was therefore logical that I wanted to convert it to organic.  The orchard was in a terrible condition however so we had to invest a lot of money, time and effort to bring it to a high standard.  You can imagine how proud I was when we received the official organic certification in march 2016.


What can you tell us about your orchard and the region?
Edgar: my farm is located near a small village called “ Pancha Lopez”  in the Michoacan state in the south west of Mexico. The village is really small and has around 150 inhabitants.  The region is known for fruit production particularly limes, Mexican lemons, mango,  papaya and also sugar cane. Unfortunately we are the only organic farm in the region.

Why did you decide to switch to organic agriculture?
Edgar: Having worked for an organic fruit exporter, I had learned a lot about the advantages of organic agriculture and realized it was the best and healthiest manner to grow fruit both for consumers  as well as people working on the farm.  After a lot of hard work, we received our organic certification in march 2016.

What do you like best about your job?
The satisfaction, the peace and tranquility that working in the field gives me. I also love the way the crop develops step by step in a pure and natural manner.


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Nicely put. Cheers!


Nicely put. Cheers!

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