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Can E-numbers be used in organic food?

An important principle of organic production is to work as naturally as possible, in agriculture and in processing. This means that no chemical-synthetic additions are used in processed organic food. European legislature is very strict in this regard. But some E-numbers are perfectly natural. In any case, Nature & More only sells fresh products, which never contain E-number additives.

Some E-numbers are natural

It is often thought that E-numbers are all chemical-synthetic substances and therefore they cannot be used in processed organic food. But that is not the case. There are E-numbers which are produced naturally and can therefore be used in organic too. Examples are:

  • Agar-Agar (E406) is the Malaysian word for 'jelly'. It is made from algae en used as an alternative for animal gelatine.
  • Carob bean gum (E410) is an odorless powder that is obtained from the seeds of the carob tree. Mixed with water it is used as a vegetarian thickener in baby food.

Nature & More only supplies fresh food and vegetables, so additives are not a concern. 

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