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How does organic handle antibiotics?

Many countries are now dealing with the accute problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA. This problem was not only caused by careless use of antibiotics in human medicine, but even more so by abundant and careless use in industrial agriculture. Organic farming, which strives for an integral health approach, has always used less antibiotics and is pro-active in the search for alternatives such as herbal remedies that boost resilience. It's better to prevent than to cure. The routine application of antibiotics is forbidden in organic farming.

Organic meat contains less antibiotic resistant bacteria

In 2012, Stanford University published a major literature study that investigated the proven health effects of organic food versus conventional food. In the press summary, the project leaders stated that organic food was not found to be healthier than conventional food. Newpapers worldwide copied that statement. However, a more detailed reading of the Stanford Study reveals that:

  • Organic food contains 30% less pesticides.
  • Organic food is less often contaminated by multiresistant bacteria.

A thorough and critical review of the Stanford study can be found here.


More information?

More information about antibiotics and organic agriculture can be found on the website of the Soil Association, the leading British membership organisation for organic and sustainable farming and land use:

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