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Hi there ! My name is Hans Rozendaal and together with my brother Jan, we grow a wide range of delicious organic vegetables. Our farm is located in an area called the “Hoekse Waard” a beautiful region to the south of Rotterdam. Our business is a true family business and the history goes back to 1946 when our grandfather bought this land. At that time it was a mixed farm with a few cows, pigs, chickens and arable land. After our granddad passed away at a far too young age, our dad, still in his early twenties, took over the business. He decided to stop with the animals and focus on open field crops.

In 1996 I started my organic farming study and at the same time we started growing our crops according to organic principles. The main reason why I was attracted to this form of agriculture was the broader, more holistic viewpoint as well as the interconnection with nature. Every year, plot by plot, we switched to organic and in 2000 the whole business was officially organic. Through many difficult years the three of us got to grips with organic farming. It was a true team effort and a success due to our Dad’s experience combined with Jan’s technical expertise and my theoretical and commercial knowledge. Today, using a broad crop rotation system, we grow vegetables that match with the soil including, green celery, zucchini (green and yellow), red and white cabbage, parsnip, leek and grass / clover to help enhance the soil.

After all these years we can confirm what every organic farmer says’ “if you are good for the soil, the soil will be good for you”.


N&M: How do you plan your crops

Hans: When planning what to grow we try to make sure that the work load is evenly spread throughout the four seasons. In the spring for example, we harvest the first zucchini and plant other crops. In the summer we have celery to harvest and have to take care of the weeds. In the autumn we harvest products with a long shelf life including potatoes, celeriac, cabbage. In the winter we harvest the parsnip.

N&M: How do you see your future?

Well, we do not have plans to become a large scale business. We want to keep our family farm in tact by continuing to work using environmentally friendly, natural organic farming practices. Our goal is to sell these products as locally as possible. We hope and expect to diversify even more and collaborate with other organic farmers in the region.

N&M: Can you tell us something about your web store?

The web store “Biologisch Goed” is an initiative set up by four organic farmers in the south of Holland including Nature & More grower Rob van Paassen. We set up this cooperative in 2006 and have invested in a cool cell (holding up to 280 mt) and a special packing area.

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